Thursday, May 3, 2012

Saying goodbye to a good friend

I'm sad to say that I am writing with one less dog these days.  Frazer, who was just 8 years old, said goodbye to us and to his failing body on April 17, and passed through the veil and into the Light.  The dynamic of the household has changed with his decision to go.  Sparky and Boo have grieved his absence just as I have.  It's so quiet.  The chaos I always enjoyed is suddenly gone.  There is no one to bark insanely for no reason at all.

Frazer was a Shetland sheepdog.  A beautiful, big boy with a shiny black coat and a huge white collar.  He came into my life when I was mourning the loss of another Sheltie named Faelan.  Frazer filled the void Faelan's death created.  He was more than just my dog.  He was my protector, and my friend, and he saw me through years of difficulty.  He died from complications of Cushings disease.

I am endlessly grateful for the wonderful memories he left behind with  me.  And I am grateful for Sparky and Boo.  Dogs are angels on four feet.  They ask for precious little, and they give so much.  They don't judge us for how we look, or whether or not we have deep pockets.  As long as there are retriever rolls in the house, and water in their water bowl, there is very little complaining. . . and even in death, they think, not of themselves, but of us.

My wish for Frazer is that he has a meadow full of sweet grass in which to run, and a body that will not betray him.  And I hope that he is able to understand that he meant the world to me.  At some point, I will immortalize him in a story.  Tonight, we send him our love.

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