Saturday, February 4, 2012

After an extended hiatus from the world of writing and publishing, I've started an all-out sprint to get my backlist published digitally.  It took an awful lot to convince me this was a positive step, but when I bought my Kindle last Christmas, I fell in love faster than Middle-aged Desperate in a kareoke bar. 

I buy a ton of books.  Used books, new books,  fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, metaphysical and self-help.  And I spend a ton of money on those books.  The last Koontz novel I bought cost me the biggest portion of a ten-dollar bill, and worth every penny.  But I can get the same book for less on Kindle, and not have to find shelf-space for it.  I like that.  I also love the fact that my library travels with me.

Digital publishing for Kindle and other e-readers is also VERY intriguing.  I've been an observer of the ins and outs of traditional publishing for twenty years, and I can tell you that there have been times when mansucripts I considered really good were turned down flat.  While I could also understand why--it's all about the money--there was a lot of really good fiction that was passed over because of the earning prospectus not outweighing initial investment to publish.  And, some of those good books were mine.

Thanks to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other digital publishers, I not only get to choose what I read, but what I write--and that excites me.

And the techno aspect of digital is definitely cool.  Even my dogs love gadgets... though I gotta tell you, they aren't thrilled that I'm writing again.  Have you ever watched someone write?  It's scary.  Given that they can read my thoughts and follow along with the text that is forming in my brain, it's doubly scary for them.  They watch me suspiciously a lot.  They exchange looks of alarm.  And Frazer?  Well, Frazer waits for food.  If there's food envolved, he's all in.  If there's no food, he'll grab a nap.

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  1. It better to be at the beginning of a thing than the end of something tired and worn. It's the age of the writers... go girl!!!