Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Confession Time

It's confession time.  I have a potty mouth.  It isn't an ingrained habit, and yes, I know better, but it's a part of my off-beat charm.  My father disapproved but ignored it--unless I came out with something really bad--and my mother really disapproved to the point where she would reprimand me just by speaking my given name, "SU-san!"

Marriage created my potty mouth, and many years of living with someone who needed a good cussing out honed my abilities.  It also really helped that I have my grandaddy's ear.  He was a player, in the truest sense of the word.  A real SOB who could play any musical instrument he lay hands on, and all without reading a note.  I write with that same finely tuned ear.  AND I swear with it.  Proudly.

Because I had years of practice, I learned that certain four-letter words fit together, and others don't.  Kind of like the way Antonio Banderas and I compliment one another.  Or would, if I were younger, and he more desperate.  For example Dumb SOB is a symphony of complimentary cussing.  M-F'N SOB also rolls off the tongue like melted butter, only you must accent the last four words heavily as in son-of-a-bitch!  I'll leave it at that, though I am thinking of writing a companion booklet for those people out there who want to swear fluently, just like me.

Why am I talking about swearing in this blog?  Because I didn't think to add a warning label on my book ROUGH AND TENDER, which is available at Amazon for Kindle right now.  Today.  Run right over there and buy yo'self a M-F-N copy.  My language is really not that bad in the historicals, but in my romantic suspense titles, I really kick ass.  So, be forewarned.

I will say that my dogs are better behaved than me, and hardly ever drop the F-bomb.  Except when Boo gets caught stealing the last slice of pizza, and then he turns the air a little blue.  He even makes me blush, and believe me, it takes a lot.

ROUGH AND TENDER <new and improved> funny, charming, endearing... and with a few f-bombs.  SK

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